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All the new LEGO® Friends Snow or Sea Adventure sets!

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How to enter

1) Build it

OR Create it!


Build a model or create a picture of your Sea or Snow adventures. Get started with our cool, creative tool!

2) Share it!


Share your creation in the LEGO® Friends Gallery! Come back next week to see the weekly winner, and to enter again.

WIN a suitcase full of fun!



Who can participate?

You can enter if you:

  • are between the age of 5-12
  • are not an employee of LEGO or an immediate family member
  • have a valid LEGO® ID
  • and live in a country that hosts the competition (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands)

When can I enter?

The contest begins on the 17th of July 2017 at 10:00 am CET and ends on 10th of September 2017 at 4:00 pm CET.

What if I have a valid LEGO ID, but I have problems uploading my entry?

Ask your parents if they can check the picture’s file size, and perhaps make it slightly smaller. If you keep having problems, you can contact Customer Service here.  Calls are free.

How do you choose a winner?

Our jury will look for fun Sea or Snow creations – great or small. Small details can tell a big story! What story do you want to tell with your creation?

Where can I see the Weekly Winner?

The Weekly Winner will be announced every Thursday no later than 17 o’clock (CET) and have their models featured here  and on LEGO® Life.

What are the prizes?

All Weekly Winners can choose between a LEGO® Friends suitcase full of fun Sea OR Snow Adventure sets.

Sea: 41315 Heartlake Surf Shop, 41316 Andrea's Speedboat Transporter and 41317 Sunshine Catamaran.

Snow: 41321 Snow Resort Off-Roader, 41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink, 41323 Snow Resort Chalet and 41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift.

What is LEGO ID?

LEGO ID is your personal space on and LEGO LIFE. It is also our way of making sure you have your parents’ or guardian’s permission to visit our website and share your photos and comments with us. We will use your LEGO ID to contact your parents if you win one of the prizes. So please make sure you write the correct email address for your parents to check.

How many times can I enter?

As many times as you like! Create all the fun Friends holiday moments and activities you can think of. You can only upload one at a time, though.

Do I need a leaflet to participate?

You do not need a leaflet to participate. You can upload a build of a Sea or Snow adventure or choose to use our creative tool at or in LEGO Life (app). If you have a leaflet, you decide yourself if you would like to upload a picture of your creation from the leaflet or if you want to use the creative tool at or in LEGO Life (app).